Welcome Class of 2024!

Thanks for taking a look at my graduation portrait page. You must be excited to graduate and want to take amazing pictures to show to your friends and family.

By hiring me, I’ll make sure to take great portraits as you celebrate this important milestone in your life.If you’d like a custom package, let me know and we can find what works best for you.

I am currently based in Lake Jackson, TX, but I am open to traveling to take portraits (:



This package is a 30 Minute Session, One Outfit, 1 Location, Online Digital Gallery .



This package is a 1 Hour Session, 2 Wardrobe Changes, 2 Locations, Online Digital Gallery .



This package is a 2 Hour Session, 3 Wardrobe Changes, 3 Location, Online Digital Gallery .



This package is a 3 Hour Session, Unlimited Locations, Unlimited Wardrobe Changes, Online Digital Gallery. 


All packages INCLUDE Cap & gown

Ready to book your dream session?


Booking Retainer

A $75 Booking Retainer is required in order to secure your photoshoot date.

The retainer is not an additional fee and will apply towards your final photo session balance.

When we confirm a date and time for our session, I will send you a formal contract that will have additional photoshoot information as well as the retainer deposit.

*Travel Fee*

I reside in the Lake Jackson, TX area. Going to most campuses usually takes me more than an hour. A travel fee will apply to your final balance and varies on the location of your grad session.

Scheduling & Booking

Ready to schedule a session? Contact me through this form and let’s plan our photoshoot! My Facebook Messages and Texts get a bit cluttered so filling out this form is the best way of contacting me.  It gets busy around this time of year, so let's try to coordinate and find out what day is best for our shoot! 

If you know of any friends of yours that might want to have a grad session, let them know about my services and maybe we can do a group grad session!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I need a cap and gown!

  • I have an extra cap and gown available if you need one for our photo session. If you need to borrow one, just let me know and I’ll bring it to our photoshoot. (Sam Houston Grads Only)
  • If we have our session before you receive your cap and gown, I recommend borrowing a cap and gown from a friend that has already graduated! This works out a lot of the time.
  • Make sure to bring any sashes or tassels that you would like to use during the photoshoot.

2. What exactly do you do after our photoshoot session?

  • After our photo session, I’ll start going through all of the photos we took and start editing.
  • Final edits of our photo session will be uploaded onto an online photo gallery where you can download all of the high resolution files for you to keep and have printed at your location of choice.

3. What is your turn around time for you to finish editing our photoshoot session?

  • Editing time generally takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to be finalized and completed. If you need the photos before a specific date, please let me know in advance.

4. Do you provide prints?

  • Prints can be ordered directly from your client gallery. You can also download the files and have them printed at your location of choice. I recommend having them printed at a professional photo lab that is available in your client gallery.

5. How many photos do you deliver?

  • I typically deliver over 40+ photos per photo session.

6. Can I bring props to the shoot?

  • Yes! You are more than welcome to bring props to our photo session. I am also pet friendly!
  • Popping champagne bottles is a popular option. If you haven’t popped a champagne bottle before, I highly recommend practicing on one or two bottles prior to our photoshoot. It’s harder than it looks!
  • Confetti is also a popular option to use during a photoshoot. However, if you’d like to be more eco-friendly, bubbles are an awesome alternative. You can also look up biodegradable confetti and use that at our photoshoot.